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  • 5 March 2013, 11:13

Justin Bieber: Late Arrival At O2 Angers Fans

Justin Bieber was booed by thousands of angry parents and young fans after he arrived nearly two hours late for a sold-out concert last night.

By the time the 19-year-old Canadian singer went on stage at nearly 10.30pm, parents were waiting outside the venue expecting to pick up teenage Beliebers, as his army of fans are known.

Other parents left after just a few songs with their heartbroken children for fear of missing the last trains home on a school night.

Fans apparently tweeting from inside the venue, where the doors opened at 6.30pm, said the booing started an hour before he finally took to the stage.

Many at the O2 voiced their anger on Twitter, saying the star had let down his fans. There is still no official explanation from the singer or from the O2 for the delay.

One mother, Emma Harman, from Kent, told Sky News she was "disgusted" after her husband had been left waiting with her nine-year-old daughter, who had been taken to the concert as a birthday present.

"I am hoping he will be ashamed of his behaviour, but I very much doubt it," said Mrs Harman.

"My husband has left now having seen three songs."

Mother Sheena Dooner from Great Missenden took her four-year-old daughter Emilia to the concert as a late Christmas present. "It's an absolutely disgusting way to treat devoted fans," she said.

"We spent £68 per ticket plus the cost of trains and over £100 on merchandise and what did we geto to see? Very little. Never again. I think he should give something back to his fans. A refund is in order, not an apology."

Father Wayne Parsonage tweeted that he ended up missing Bieber's performance so he could make the last train home, and later added: "Disgusting!! Waste of my†time and money ... never again."

Former Coronation Street actor Wendi Peters tweeted that Bieber had finally come on stage at 10.24pm - nearly two hours after the advertised time of 8.30pm.

She wrote: "I shall have an extremely moody daughter tomorrow ... Livid!!"

Gemmer Ferguson from Chessington told Sky News her five-year-old daughter was falling asleep by 10pm. "I can't quite believe what just happened," she said.

"He spent more time changing his clothes and showing videos of his childhood than he did singing.

"When we complained were were told 'Justin will come out when he is ready,' but he had all day to get ready".

Amanda Finestone from Hertfordshire went along to the O2 with her nine-year-old daughter Zara. She told Sky News: "We waited and waited and there was no explanation forthcoming.

"There were children crying, children falling asleep in their seats and even children having to leave before he came on stage.

"He cut his set by half an hour so not only were we waiting we were pretty much short changed as well. But we stayed till the end because my daughter is a Belieber.

"I'm really furious because it's one thing to be late but to not explain or apologise and to have no consideration for your fans who are of school age? These are young girls; it's bad mannered.

"I would be very reluctant to spend that amount of money again to sit for two hours and do absolutely nothing."

The O2 later tweeted: "Justin Bieber is now on stage and apologises for the lateness of his show."

It later added: "Sorry to all the Justin Bieber fans for the lateness of his show tonight. The Tube will still be running when the show finishes".

But not all of Bieber's fans were furious with his performance. 14-year-old Claudia Gilling told Three Counties Radio that the singer was worth the wait.

"I'll still go to see him because I love Justin Bieber. He's perfect, he's really good looking and he was really good when he finally got on stage."

Bieber is also reportedly expected to face a fine after his late performance apparently broke a noise curfew.

Hours before the gig, where tickets started at £57.65, he was tweeting to his 35 million followers: "Tonight will be fun. Day 1 at the O2 Arena in London!"

The singer has three more gigs planned at the O2 on the 5th, 7th and 8th of March. Yesterday night was his first performance in the UK on his Believe world tour.