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Kate guest of young dance pupils

A group of Tuvaluan children were joined in class by a special guest who performed as well as any of the tiny pupils - the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate followed the moves of a dance perfectly after watching a class of Nauti Primary School children acting out a song where they touched parts of their body.

As the youngsters sang "touch your back, back, back, touch your toes, toes, toes, touch your nose, nose, nose" the Duchess, who was joined by the Duke, listened patiently then followed the actions of the children when they repeated the rhyme.

Kate then joined one of the class tables and asked a group of little girls sitting together: "Your dances were very good - do you have lots of dances? Do you do the dances like the older girls do?" and as she said this she moved her hands as if performing.

Later, the royals toured a model village featuring traditional houses in the styles found on some of Tuvalu's islands and displayed with the crafts their residents produce.

William was asked at the Nanumaga island house if he would like to have a go at opening a coconut, one of the few commodities found on Tuvalu and valued for its water and copra-fibrous husk.

The Duke held the machete and chopped at the coconut, giving it six or seven blows as he moved it in his hands until eventually it cracked open.

He asked one of the islanders "is it sweet"? before being handed the white flesh and taking a nibble.

Before the tour of the island was over, the Duke had the chance to join in a favourite game among men on the island - te ano, similar to volleyball where two large opposing teams of 40 men try and keep a ball in the air.

William joined the game at a crucial point as it was nine-all and the first to 10 won. He stood in the front row and when the ball came to him was able to tip it up, as Kate watched from the sidelines.

Having had a touch of the ball, the royal got more confident and clapped his hands to gee-up those around him and when play came to him again managed to keep it up in the air a number of times before the opposition dropped it and his team won.

A massive cheer and whoop went up from the islanders and William smiled and laughed.

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