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Dress invokes memory of Grace Kelly

The bride's long-awaited dress is stunningly reminiscent of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

The intricately decorated Sarah Burton gown bore a striking resemblance to the dress worn by the actress for her wedding to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, in April 1956.

The choice of ivory gown with lace applique floral detail was praised by designers and fashion commentators, with some also comparing it to Princess Margaret's 1960s wedding dress.

Couture designer Caroline Castigliano said the bride looked "absolutely fabulous".

"It was very Grace Kelly and in fact the silhouette of the dress was very much like Princess Margaret's was," she said.

"It has been made to the highest standards to get the most fabulous finish.

"She showed her personality through her style.

"She has showed us her style over the last nine years and today that shone through.

"It was perfect for the day and perfect for Britain and for her personality."

British bridal designer Suzanne Neville said Kate had chosen a timeless creation.

"It's very Grace Kelly - if you go back through all the royal weddings, she has absolutely chosen something that's timeless.

"It's not actually a new design, I don't necessarily feel, but she has absolutely brought out that classic British look.

"Most of the British designers have got that look in their collections, so it's absolutely accessible.

"I thought it was exactly what most people thought she was going to wear, but it was beautiful, absolutely stunning.

"It's quite predictable because I think that's what people thought she would wear, that she would have something classic.

"She hasn't shocked anybody or done anything out of character, but it absolutely suits her and her tiny frame."

And Ms Neville said the technical workmanship of the dress was particularly impressive.

"It's made beautifully, all the lace has been handmade, the fabric's wonderful, the way it moved, the way it handled as she walked down the aisle. The technical side of it is breathtaking.

"I think the workmanship definitely shines through and I'm glad she chose such a top couturier, someone who knows the right skills. She chose an absolute professional."

Harriet Quick, fashion features director at Vogue, also said the gown had echoes of "Princess Kelly's" dress.

"It is absolutely beautiful and very restrained and quite modest in many ways," she said.

"It has lots of echoes of Grace Kelly's wedding dress but I think Sarah Burton's created something really beautiful for her, with a very simple veil, the incredible lace and that prettiest of necklines.

"Overall it's very simple, it's restrained and modest and she looks quite lovely and romantic, and I think she looks the picture of loveliness."

She said the bride's dress showed she had "a great love of style and taste" but was also respectful, adding: "It has a retro feel to it which nods to a lot of nostalgia and history but at the same time she looks very easy in it.

"It's incredibly grown-up, it's timeless, so I think it shows a very smart choice, one which suits her but it's incredibly respectful for her as the commoner joining the Royal Family."

She predicted the slender silhouette on top and long lace sleeves would have an impact on high street fashion, from party wear to bridal fashion, with retailers keen to get their own versions out in the shops.

Jenny Swire, fashion director of Wedding magazine, said: "I remember being interviewed a few months ago and what I described as what I thought it was going to be was pretty much what she was wearing.

"I said it would be quite minimalist without too much beading or crystals and she would have to be covered up somehow, possibly with a lace overlay of sleeves or a shrug.

"She does wear that plunging neckline quite often, that 'V', so she knows it suits her.

"Obviously the whole thing is a nod to Grace Kelly.

"The proportions were so perfect on everything - the cathedral train which was just the right proportion for the whole look."

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Added on: April 29 2011 15:22
Maureen Evans from Broseley
Catherine is a very beautiful young woman and her dress was just right it was beautiful as well but the simlicity took nothing away from away from Catherine's own beauty. Congratulation's and a wonderful future to both of you.
Added on: April 29 2011 14:22
Maisie from Cowes
I .think her sister stole the show looking stunning. The actual wedding dress was rather boring and old fashioned. A disappointment.
Added on: April 29 2011 11:44
Gemma Lynch
Reminds me of Grace Kelly's dress...perfect for her figure and looks
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