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  • 11 December 2013, 22:39

Killer Who Strangled Partner And Son Jailed

A killer who strangled his ex-partner and her baby son in their beds has been sentenced to life in prison.

Wesley Williams, 29, pleaded guilty last week to the "shocking and senseless" murders of university graduate Yvonne Walsh and her seven-month-old son Harrison at their home in Billesley, West Midlands.

He will serve a minimum term of 29 years.

Judge Mr Justice MacDuff lifted a reporting restriction to reveal that Williams was the former partner of Rebecca Shuttleworth, 25, who was found guilty in June of murdering her two-year-old son Keanu Williams in a totally separate case.

He said: "It is clear that you could not accept being rejected by Yvonne Walsh when you were proposing or intending to propose marriage.

"She wanted no further part in a relationship with you. And you decided to kill her, in fact to execute her.

"It was your decision, casually taken that she had to die. Then you killed Harrison as well."

West Midlands Police said officers were unable to determine which of two was killed first.

Ms Walsh, who had split from Williams two days before she was last seen alive on May 31, was found in her bed. Her baby son was found in his cot with the curtains drawn.

A post-mortem examination revealed they had both died as a result of pressure to the neck.

Detective Chief Inspector Sarbjit Johal, of West Midlands Police, said: "Wesley Williams has pleaded guilty to the shocking and senseless murders of his partner Yvonne and her baby Harrison who both had their whole lives ahead of them.

"Yvonne's family described her as a warm and loving person who was a dedicated professional and absolutely devoted to her two young children."

Birmingham Crown Court heard that after the killings, Williams changed his Facebook status to single and wrote: "Sometimes you just have to do somethings you shouldn't."

Williams had previously served a jail term for causing actual bodily harm with intent after carrying out an attack involving a hammer and samurai swords.