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  • 20 March 2014, 15:56

Kurt Cobain: Campaign To Make Home A Museum

A campaign by a Kurt Cobain fan to raise $700,000 (£424,000) to turn his childhood home into a museum has so far received just $150 (£91).

In September the late Nirvana singer's mother Wendy O'Connor announced that she was putting the home in Aberdeen, Washington, up for sale for $500,000 (£303,000).

But journalist Jaime Dunkle, from Portland, Oregon, has made a plan to preserve the property where Cobain lived on and off until he was 20.

She has set up a GoFundMe webpage where she says she wants to "[make] sure this house is memorialised by us fans so it doesn't end up in the clutches of capitalist greed".

Dunkle, 33, was allowed inside the 1.5 storey bungalow and into Cobain's old bedroom in order to take photos and video.

She posted them on the crowdfunding site and said: "Being inside was a total head spin. As I wandered around, looking in closets, I imagined him as a teen, crouched inside, scribbling in his diaries or making sketches.

"All I could think was that I was seeing through his eyes and walking in his footsteps."

Dunkle says she wants the home to stay as it is but to be filled with donated Cobain possessions.

But while her webpage has been viewed dozens of times, only five people have so far contributed since March 2.

The last time the house was assessed for sale it was valued at less than $67,000 (£40,000).

In a statement released last year Cobain's sister Kim Cobain said: "We've decided to sell the home to create a legacy for Kurt.

"Yes, there are some mixed feelings since we have all loved the home and it carries so many great memories. But our family has moved on from Washington, and [we] feel it's time to let go of the home."

Cobain, who was married to Courtney Love and had one daughter called Frances Bean, committed suicide in Seattle in 1994 aged 27.

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