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  • 12 June 2014, 13:18

Kylie To Join The Rock In New Quake Movie

Kylie Minogue has reportedly accepted a supporting role in a new earthquake film starring Dwayne Johnson.

The Australian singer and actress quit the television show The Voice after one series earlier this year.

Minogue's role in San Andreas has not been revealed but it is understood the film is about a special operations firefighter, played by Johnson, and his wife, played by Carla Gugina.

The couple must make the journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco to find their daughter following a 9.0 magnitude quake.

Johnson, also known as a The Rock, is a semi-retired wrestler who has carved out a successful Hollywood career for himself.

The project, directed by Brad Peyton, is currently filming on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Minogue has starred in few films over the years but perhaps is best known for her role as Tinkerbell in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge!

It is thought she will lend her voice to this new film's soundtrack.

The San Andreas fault is a 800 mile-long fault which extends through California. There is much speculation about when the next big earthquake could happen.

The film is due for release in June 2015.