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  • 12 April 2014, 22:51

Little Girl's Wish List Before Going Blind

A little girl who is going blind has drawn up a wish list of things she would like to see before losing her sight completely.

Six-year-old Molly Bent has been diagnosed with the degenerative eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), for which there is no treatment or cure.

Despite her condition getting progressively worse, her mum, Eve, 26, says she takes it "in her stride".

Among the "bucket list" of things the youngster said she would like to do before her eyes get "too poorly" include trips to the zoo, aquarium, museums, and Legoland.

But top of her list is Disneyland.

Following her diagnosis in December, Mrs Bent said: "We were obviously quite upset about it.

"We sort of said 'right we can't dwell on this. Let's turn it around. Let's do everything we can do, while we can do it'."

What started out as a charity run by her husband Chris, 27, and a group of friends, has grown into a fund-raising drive to fulfill Molly's wish list, which has so far reached £3,500.

Mrs Bent said: "It's beyond belief. We are so overwhelmed with all the kindness of people."

The family, who live in Manchester, are currently on a holiday in Blackpool provided by Trewan Sands Children's Trust, where Molly has been enjoying horse-riding and swimming.

Tests every three months have shown that Molly's sight is deteriorating.

Mrs Bent said: "She has very little peripheral vision. She knows it's getting worse."

But she added: "She's so resilient. She knows what's happening. She know's she's struggling and she just takes it in her stride."

RP is a genetic condition, which Molly's uncle also suffers from, and her sister Charlotte, five, and brother Samuel, two, are regularly tested for the disease.

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