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  • 27 March 2014, 14:45

Magazine Told To Pay Over Hollande 'Affair'

Closer magazine has been told to pay damages to actress Julie Gayet over claims she had an affair with the French president.

The court, in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, ordered Closer to pay ?15,000 (£12,400) for breach of privacy after it published photos of the 41-year-old actress and Mr Hollande, 59, arriving separately at a Paris apartment for alleged trysts.

Ms Gayet had been seeking ?50,000 (£41,650) in damages and ?4,000 (£3,330) in legal costs.

The magazine was also ordered to publish the court's full ruling on its front page.

Mr Hollande split with partner Valerie Trierweiler, 49, following the scandal but both he and Ms Gayet have refused to comment on their private lives.

Ms Trierweiler, a journalist, was admitted to hospital in January with depression after the allegations about Mr Hollande†first emerged.

During the hearing, Ms Gayet's lawyer Jean Ennochi said his client had been "hunted" by the press.

He said: "She was assaulted by swarms of photographers... it was like the hunt of a wild animal."

Delphine Pando, representing Closer magazine, told the court the publication was justified because it was in the public interest and raised questions about presidential security.

The magazine pulled the story from its website following a request from Ms Gayet's lawyer, but did not order copies to be withdrawn from newsstands.

Ms Gayet has also made a criminal complaint for breach of privacy against Closer over separate photos taken inside a car and another against paparazzi photographers for allegedly pursuing her.