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  • 13 August 2014, 14:54

Man 'Killed Friend Then Asked Siri For Advice'

A man killed his roommate then asked Siri where to hide the body, a court has heard.

Police say Pedro Bravo, 20, kidnapped then strangled his friend after an argument over an ex-girlfriend in 2012.

On the same day, he apparently told the Apple iPhone's digital assistant: "I need to hide my roommate."

Siri answered: "What kind of place are you looking for?"

It was followed by four options; swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries and dumps.

The claim was made during Bravo's murder trial in Florida by police detective Matt Goeckel.

Detective Goeckel also said that the torch on Bravo's phone was on nine times and used for more than 48 minutes on the same day.

The court heard that the locations recorded for Bravo's phone do not tally with where he claims he was.

Bravo denies murder. The trial continues.