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  • 15 August 2014, 16:37

Marine In Urination Video Found Dead At Home

One of the Marines shown urinating on Taliban corpses in a 2011 video has reportedly been found dead at home, aged 28.

Retired Corporal Robert Richards was found at his home in Jacksonville, North Carolina, the reports said, citing lawyer and friend Guy Womack.

The Los Angeles Times said Mr Richards' body was found by his wife on Wednesday night.

The death did not appear to be suicide, though toxicological results from an autopsy are pending.

The results are expected in about two weeks.

Mr Womack told the paper that Mr Richards was under heavy medication for post-traumatic stress disorder and wounds sustained during combat tours in Afghanistan.

He was a veteran Marine who had served three times in Afghanistan.

During one of those tours, he and three other Marines were caught on video as they urinated on the corpses of three Taliban fighters in Helmand province.

One of the bodies was covered in blood.

One Marine looks down at the bodies and jokes, "Have a good day, buddy".

The video, which was made in July 2011 and surfaced in 2012, drew international condemnation and brought embarrassment to US forces.

After the video garnered attention on YouTube, senior military officials and government officials sternly condemned the behaviour of the Marines involved.

Mr Richards, who was then a sergeant, was demoted to the rank of corporal in a plea deal in July last year.