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  • 11 December 2013, 17:34

Mark Duggan 'Surrendering' When Shot By Police

An anonymous witness in the Mark Duggan inquest has told the court that he looked "baffled" when cornered by police and appeared to be "surrendering" when he was shot dead by a marksman.

The man, referred to only as Witness B, also told jurors Mr Duggan was "definitely" holding a phone in his hand when he was killed.

"It looked like a phone clutched in his hand. I've said that since day one," he said.

"That was definitely a phone clutched in his hand."

Witness B said he had a "clear view" from the window of his ninth-floor flat overlooking Ferry Lane in Tottenham, where the incident took place.

He said the police marksman was just five to seven steps away from the "suspect" in the moments before the shooting.

"I heard tyres screeching and then I heard shouting" he told the inquest. "The shouting was either 'put it down or get down'."

The witness said he used his own mobile to film the aftermath of the fatal shooting of the father-of-four in August 2011, which sparked riots across London and other parts of Britain.

The footage was shown to the inquest jury.

Under cross examination by Andrew Straw, a lawyer for the Duggan family, Witness B told the court the 29-year-old was not acting in an aggressive manner and seemed to have his hands in the air with his "palms facing forwards".

"His body language was a bit like: what was going on?" he said.

In earlier evidence, police officers told the court that Mr Duggan was shot because he was holding a gun, and looked as though he was about to use it.

He was shot twice on August 4, 2011 - once in the arm and once in the chest.

The minicab he was travelling in had been followed by armed police before it was stopped.

The inquest continues.