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  • 13 August 2014, 8:52

Cops pull over fake Maserati police car

A man has been charged with impersonating police after he was spotted driving a Maserati painted to look like a cruiser.

An officer in Braintree, Massachusetts, noticed the fake cop car at the weekend and pulled it over.

Days earlier, a nearby Quincy resident took a picture of the oddly painted luxury sport car and posted it on Twitter.

The Maserati's exterior was mostly black, with white doors and several decals that closely resembled what is typically seen on police cruisers, including "911" and "Speed Enforcement".

Eric Clark, who snapped the photo, told Sky News it was "creeping him out at first", but when he realised what the lettering said on the car's door he knew it was fake.

Rather than the standard "Protect and Serve" motto, the decal on theMaseratiread: "Decepticonspunish and enslave" - an apparent reference to the fictional villains in Transformers.

The driver reportedly told the officer who pulled him over that he was actually assisting police.

He said that"other drivers noticed him and slowed down, thinking it was a police vehicle",Deputy Chief Wayne Foster told The Patriot Ledger newspaper.