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Mixed views on Leveson inquiry

A visit by the Emir of Kuwait to Westminster Abbey appeared to provide more interest to the public than the Leveson inquiry media circus at the QEII centre opposite.

Tourists gawped as the Emir's cavalcade of cars swept up to the Abbey, while the massed ranks of the media waited in the cold for the first word on the Leveson findings.

But not all those milling around the area were totally oblivious to the importance of the day.

"We have been following this quite closely," said Arnie Grundberg, 73, from Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Touring London with his wife Betty and sister-in-law Linda, Mr Grundberg went on: "We should have strict regulation of Rupert Murdoch but a free press for everyone else. Murdoch has too much power."

Graham Cormie, 49, in London on a visit from Aberdeen with his wife Rachel, looked on as journalists perched awkwardly on stone steps, slaving over cold laptops.

Mr Cormie said: "Current regulation of the press is not working. I don't think the Government should regulate the press as that would amount to state control."

Others outside the QE2 Centre included another couple from Aberdeen, Barry and Eileen Thomson.

On his first visit to London for around 30 years, Mr Thomson, 58, a company director, said: "There probably needs to be an independent regulator of the press.

"If there are breaches of regulations, then there should be severe punishments."

Others were completely underwhelmed by the occasion. An elderly lady on a 211 bus heading for Victoria from Westminster said: "I don't know anything about Leveson."

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