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  • 4 January 2013, 7:18

Motorists 'Still Texting At The Wheel'

More than a quarter of drivers text while at the wheel, with those using cars for work the most likely to offend, a survey has found.

And more than one in seven say they apply makeup or shave while in the driving seat, the survey for road safety charity Brake and insurance company Direct Line found.

Of those who used a vehicle for work, 31% said they texted while driving compared with a figure of 28% for non-work drivers.

A total of 17% of 'for-work' drivers admitted to attending to personal grooming while at the wheel compared with 14% for non-work motorists.

Drivers using vehicles for work were also more likely to talk on hands-free mobiles while on the road than non-work drivers.

The poll found that 54% of drivers who were on the road for work purposes admitted to speeding on 60mph roads, compared with 34% of those who were not on a work-related outing.

Also, 76% of for-work drivers admitted to speeding more than 5mph above the limit on 30mph roads, compared with 62% of non-work drivers.

"It is appalling so many people who drive in a professional capacity are taking such horrendous and unnecessary risks," Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said.

"People who drive as part of their job should be taking great care.

"We are urging all employers to ensure they have comprehensive safe driving policies in place."

Direct Line spokesman Matt Owen said: "The risk that those who drive as part of their job are taking with their lives and the lives of others is substantial."