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  • 13 April 2014, 13:51

Nigel Evans' Defence Cost 130K Life Savings

Former Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans says the cost of defending himself against sex charges over a five-week trial has deprived him of his life savings.

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday, the 56-year-old politician called for an investigation into the way the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) pursues high-profile cases.

Mr Evans said the CPS should pay his legal fees after he was acquitted at Preston Crown Court last Thursday.

He said the fight to clear his name has cost him his life savings of 130,000.

"Every penny is gone, in addition to the 30,000-a-year additional parliamentary salary I was paid as Deputy Speaker," Mr Evans told the newspaper.

"If someone is dragged through the courts through no fault of their own and is acquitted they should get their legal fees back from the CPS budget.

"Maybe that will make them focus on whether a case is worth pursuing."

Mr Evans was found not guilty of all charges, including one count of rape and four counts of sexual assault.

The charges were related to events involving seven men between 2003 and 2013.

On Friday, former shadow home secretary David Davis called on the Attorney General to launch a review into the way sex offence prosecutions are carried out.

He said Mr Evans' case highlighted "serious concerns" about the practices of the police and the CPS.