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  • 19 March 2014, 13:32

Officers Narrowly Avoid Airborne Truck - Video

Three law enforcement officers have had a narrow escape when a truck flew past them on the side of a road.

The moment was captured by the dashboard camera of one their cars.

In the video, two sheriff's deputies can be seen standing next to an Iowa state trooper's car, with its emergency lights on, near the site of an earlier accident.

Then the truck flies past them, barely missing them and ending up on the side of the road.

Local reports said the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries.

The truck was sent flying when another vehicle failed to slow down and rammed into the truck, according the Johnson County Sheriff's office.

"This is just a glaring example of how close we came to losing Trooper Hernandez, Deputy Hammes, along with Reserve Deputy Pearson," Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek told local station KGAN News.

"All because a driver of a semi chose not to slow down when approaching a crash scene full of vehicles and emergency lights."