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  • 10 August 2014, 15:09

Passenger Jet Crash Near Market Kills 39

A passenger plane has crashed into a residential area in Tehran, killing 39 people and injuring nine.

State media in Iran had previously reported all 48 people on board the Sepahan Air flight, including seven children, had died.

The aircraft went down near Tehran's Mehrabad International Airport after its engine went out shortly after take-off.

It was bound for the eastern city of Tabas when it crashed near a market at around 9.18am local time (5.48am EST) in the capital on Sunday, narrowing avoiding further fatalities.

Crowds in the Azadi neighbourhood gathered round the remains of the airline after it hit a wall and trees, close to a market.

Its tail fin, bearing Sepahan's dolphin logo, was torn from the fuselage and landed in the middle of a street.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards cordoned off the wreckage and debris scattered across the road.

One witness said: "The scene was terrible... we were lucky because there was a market 500 metres away and a lot of people were there."

Another added: "I was on my motorbike and I heard something behind me. I turned round and it was a plane, so I got on to the ground because it was so close."

The country's state-run news agency IRNA said: "Initial reports indicate that the 48 people aboard the plane have been killed, including seven children."

The twin-engien Iran-140 aircraft is a 52-seat passenger plane usually used for domestic flights and is built in the country with Ukrainian technology.

There have been several plane crashes in Iran which have been blamed on its ageing aircraft and poor maintenance.

The last major disaster was in January 2011, when an Iran Boeing 727 crashed during an emergency landing in a snowstorm in the northwest of the country, killing around 77 people.