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  • 8 July 2014, 9:49

Delays After Channel Tunnel Evacuation

Travellers using the Eurotunnel are facing ongoing delays after a train suffered power problems and became stuck under the Channel.

Hundreds of passengers on that train were forced to walk through the service tunnel before being rescued.

The Eurotunnel shuttle train, which was heading to France, came to a halt around 7.30am, seven miles into the 30-mile long tunnel.

It stopped after a problem with the overhead power line.

Some 382 passengers and four dogs were taken off the train and then transferred to the French terminal where they waited for it to be brought out of the tunnel so they could get their cars back.

Services using the one unblocked passenger tunnel were able to continue.

But Eurotunnel warned there would be hold-ups lasting for the rest of the day.

High-speed train company Eurostar said delays would continue into Tuesday.

"Following the failure earlier today (7 July) of a Eurotunnel Shuttle train carrying passenger vehicles, the resultant damage to the overhead power supply cables inside the Channel Tunnel is unresolved and ongoing," Eurostar said in a statement.

"Eurotunnel engineers are working to resolve the issues and restore full power to the affected section of the Tunnel.

"The latest operational update from Eurotunnel suggests that these works will continue until 06:00 BST on Tuesday 8 July, when the Tunnel will partially re-open.

"These technical issues, which are beyond Eurostar's control, have, regrettably, led to significant disruption to Eurotunnel Shuttle and Eurostar services today.

"As a consequence of the ongoing loss of power, Eurotunnel has informed Eurostar that some further disruption should be expected to services tomorrow morning, Tuesday 8 July."