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  • 9 April 2014, 22:12

Rat On Subway Train Sends Passengers Hysterical

Passengers screamed in horror as a rat scurried along a subway train carriage in New York.

Commuters were caught on video lifting up their legs and even standing up on the seats to avoid the rodent.

The animal had found its way on a train heading from Manhattan to Brooklyn and was reportedly running up and down the carriage for most of the ride.

Passenger Jianis Kader, who posted footage of the incident on social media, said the rat boarded the service at the Fulton Street station in Lower Manhattan during the morning rush hour.

Mr Kader said someone screamed "Rat on the train!" just before the doors closed.

By the time other passengers realised what was happening, they were trapped with the rat inside as the train entered the tunnel under the East River.