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  • 4 June 2014, 9:32

Rihanna Ad Ruled Too 'Provocative' For Kids

A poster advertising Rihanna's perfume has been banned from areas where children are likely to see it because of its "sexually suggestive" nature.

The advertising campaign for the pop star's fragrance, called Rogue, shows Rihanna sitting on the floor leaning against a wall where she is apparently naked, with her legs raised against the bottle.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have ruled that the advert is inappropriate to be shown in places where there is the possibility of children seeing it.

It said: "While we did not consider the image to be overtly sexual, we considered that Rihanna's pose, with her legs raised in the air, was provocative.

"Because of this, and the fact that Rihanna appeared to be naked except for high heels, we concluded that the ad was sexually suggestive and should have been given a placement restriction to reduce the possibility of it being seen by children."

Parlux Fragrances said that Rihanna is known for her provocative songs and the advert looked to capture her persona without being "suggesting" or "offensive".

On Monday the Barbadian singer wore a revealing, sheer dress covered in thousands of diamonds to a fashion event in New York.

Parlux believed most women would see Rihanna's pose in the poster campaign as empowering rather than demeaning.

The ASA noted that Rihanna was mostly covered in the poster and was seen looking directly at the viewer with "defiance rather than vulnerability".

However, one person complained that the advert was offensive because it was overly sexual and so the "sexualised and provocative" image should have a placement restriction.

Following the complaint, the ASA has ruled that the poster must not appear without a placement restriction in a bid to reduce the chance of children seeing it.

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