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  • 17 June 2014, 13:43

Rob Ford The Musical Auditions Held In Toronto

His scandals and confessions have been on front pages all over the world, but now Rob Ford's story is hitting the stage.

Auditions have been held to find the star of a new musical about the Toronto mayor's rocky year.

Dozens of larger men with close-cropped, blonde hair - and a few women - attended the open curtain call for Rob Ford The Musical: Birth Of A Ford Nation at a theatre school in the city centre.

Geoff Stone, 32, a singer-songwriter from Ottawa, arrived in full costume, sporting dyed-blonde hair with a shaved bald spot. A glass pipe protruding from his jacket pocket completed the look.

"A lot of my friends kind of liken him to Chris Farley, so I've been tapping into that a bit," said Stone, referring to the late film and Saturday Night Live actor often noted for his likeness to Mr Ford.

Mr Ford, who has entered rehab for substance abuse, is currently taking a break from his re-election campaign.

The decision to seek help came after months of denials that he had a substance problem. He has admitted that he has smoked crack cocaine.

Even before taking leave, Mr Ford had been performing only some of the duties of mayor. The city council stripped him of much of his power late last year and gave it to deputy mayor Norm Kelly.

"This story of Rob Ford has taken everyone by storm," Anthony Bastianon, who wrote the music for the production, told Reuters.

He said the play would not be a simple send-up of Mr Ford, and that he would seek to expand the mayor into a three-dimensional character.

"It's going to be fun, but we're also trying to show a lot of different sides of the story," he said.

Mr Ford is expected to return to public life in early July.