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  • 30 May 2012, 9:15

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S3 Phone Amid Delays

Samsung has launched its new Galaxy S3 smartphone in the firm's latest bid to take on the iPhone - although some UK customers with pre-orders could face delays.

One boss at the South Korean technology giants said it was hoped features on the new device could help make the company "bigger than Apple".

Running on Google's Android operating system, it boasts a 4.8in (12.2cm) screen, one of the largest on smartphones ever, and much bigger than the 3.5in display on the iPhone 4S.

The device will also include Samsung's version of Apple's 'Siri' voice control - dubbed S voice - and offer its rival to iTunes, Music Hub, which users can upload music to and access it from a PC.

TJ Kang, a senior vice president at Samsung, told gadget website Pocket-lint: "We aren't about niches. We want to have the largest catalogue. We want to be bigger than Apple."

"All our new devices moving forward will have Music Hub as standard, and we will be bringing the app to our current line of devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note very soon."

The Samsung S3 has proved the most popular phone in the UK so far in 2012, attracting around nine million pre-orders.

But some versions of the phone will be delayed, with T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2 confirming they will be hit by the hold-up - which Samsung said was due to a "newly invented blue colour and special hyper glaze material".

The marble white versions of the device will be mostly unaffected, but the three networks said pebble blue models were in short supply and that customers may have to wait longer than expected.

Stores in 28 European and Middle East countries have been unveiling the Galaxy S3, which tracks the user's eye movements to keep the screen from dimming or turning off.

Samsung's previous model, the Galaxy S2, helped the company topple Apple as the world's largest smartphone maker and was the biggest selling model of 2011.

The launch comes months ahead of the anticipated unveiling of Apple's latest offering.