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  • 23 December 2013, 14:53

Santa Claus' Christmas Message For Us All

Santa and his elves are putting the final touches to children's presents as he prepares for his long journey around the globe.

Letters are being opened, the last presents are being packed and Rudolph is limbering up for his annual trip.

But before setting off, Santa gave his annual Christmas message to the children of the world.

This year he asked for tolerance and friendship, saying: "I would ask the young people, which, always the young people are our future, that they should treat everybody equal.

"They should make friends, they should support one another. If a newcomer has problems they would help each another."

Santa's village and office in Rovaniemi, northern Finland, is a popular tourist resort, with hundreds of thousands visiting every year.

Each year thousands of letters arrive in Santa's post office nearby.

All letters are sorted by country and the resort's Santa takes time to reply to as many as he can.

Last year most of the festive post came from Italy, followed by the United Kingdom, Poland and China.

According to one of the "elves" Christina, the children are asking for toys but also for less material things.

"Toys of course but their wishes are also, they want peace in the world and they want to spend more time with their families," she said.