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  • 11 December 2013, 12:59

Selfie Fury Or A Mass Sense Of Humour Failure?

Two men and a woman (a "mystery blonde" no less ?) stretch out their arms, a mobile phone clasped in their hands, and smile as they take a picture.

Sound familiar?

Oh come on ? you must have done it ? especially when you have been lucky enough to attend a special event?

The Olympics? The Queen's jubilee concert? The X Factor tour?

So surely we can handle Barack Obama, David Cameron and that woman (Helle Thorning-Schmidt- the Danish Prime Minister - for crying out loud!) taking a snap of themselves at the Nelson Mandela memorial?

Ermm no, apparently we can't.

"IDIOTIC!" screamed one front page, warning that the image had sparked a "firestorm of criticism". (@toxicsayonara told her 54 followers that the world leaders had shown "zero class or decorum". Another zoomed in on a Michelle Obama looking "VERY unamused".)

Eh? What? You cannot be serious.

The only thing that picture made me feel was that for a moment they did not look like the THREE world leaders (did I mention, she is the Danish Prime Minister?) that they are. They looked human; excited; in awe of their surroundings.

And who wouldn't be? It was a memorial for the world's most loved and respected statesman. A political giant - who might himself have been amused to watch the US President and two prime ministers smile for the camera.

Go Ms Thorning-Schmidt for instigating the snap. She is fantastically uninhibited. Earlier this year she was captured excitedly getting out of her car to introduce herself to the actress Sarah Jessica Parker and ask for an autograph.

A Danish newspaper editor is amused by the British reaction. Maybe they are seeing it as a sense of humour failure?

And while I'm mainly finding this "selfie fury" funny, there is one bit of the outrage that is making me outrage. In case you missed it, it's the "mystery blonde" coverage.

For goodness sake. If you don't recognise the woman, then at least have a guess that the person sandwiched between Mr Obama and Mr Cameron might be someone important. Stick it in a search engine!

And once you've done that and you realise she is the leader of a major economy - then don't patronise her with quips about who she is. Grrrr.

If only women ran the world ?