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  • 20 December 2013, 4:56

Sex Abuse Suspect Held After Thief Finds Tapes

Spanish police have arrested a suspected paedophile after a thief handed over videos he stole from the man's home during a burglary.

The burglar called police anonymously to say he had found three tapes featuring sexual acts with children aged around 10 during a robbery and would leave the evidence under a parked car.

ThinkSpain reported that he left them with an anonymous note giving the alleged paedophile's address in Jaen.

The note reportedly said: "I have had the misfortune to come into possession of these tapes and feel obliged to hand them over and let you do your job, so that you can lock this ... up for life."

The suspect works as a trainer for a five-a-side football team, which reportedly gave him easy access to young children.

The alleged abuser gained the youngsters's trust and persuaded them to watch films with pornographic content with him. Afterwards he subjected them to sexual abuse, according to police.

So far four victims of sexual abuse have been identified, including a 16-year-old girl who had allegedly been subjected to the abuse since the age of 10.

Police records revealed the suspect had reported a break-in nine days earlier, saying that a burglar had stolen electronic equipment but failing to mention a video camera and the tapes.

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