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  • 12 December 2013, 23:03

'Sexual Harassment' Boy Is Back In School

School bosses who suspended a six-year-old boy for kissing another pupil have reduced his offense from sexual harassment to misconduct, and he has returned to school.

Hunter Yelton was suspended from Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canon City, Colorado, for kissing the girl, and had already been kicked out of school once before for the same thing.

Hunter's parents have now met the school principal, and the category of the disciplinary offence was changed to misconduct from sexual harassment.

The school issued a statement that read: "The parents of the student and the principal met this morning. One of the outcomes of the conference was to change the category of the disciplinary offence from 'sexual harassment' to 'misconduct.'"

Hunter has now returned to school.

But a woman believed to be the girl's mother took to Facebook to insist the kissing should be considered sexual harassment.

She wrote: "Not once but over and over ... not with her permission but sneaking up on her ... not without warning and consequences prior to suspension.

"(Why) do the other kids rush to tell? Because they've seen it over and over, they've seen him repeatedly get in trouble for it, they've seen the girl repeatedly tell him to stop, they know it's wrong.

"I seriously hope people are not going to start bashing the school that is (doing) a great job protecting my child from what IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT!"

Earlier, Hunter said he has a crush on the girl, and that "she likes him back".

He said: "It was during class, yeah. We were doing reading group, and I leaned over and kissed her on the hand. That's what happened."

Ms Saunders had previously said she saw nothing wrong with her son's display of affection.

She said she punished him for other problems in school, including "rough-housing", but was shocked when the school's principal brought up the term "sexual harassment" during a meeting.

"This is taking it to an extreme that doesn't need to be met with a six-year-old. Now my son is asking questions. 'What is sex mommy?' That should not ever be said, sex. Not in a sentence with a six-year-old."