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  • 31 December 2013, 11:08

Sinatra Confidant Who Lifted Lid On Star Dies

Frank Sinatra's valet and confidant for 15 years, George Jacobs, has died at the age of 87.

Jacobs offered an insider's look into the US crooner's life in his 2003 book Mr S: My Life With Frank Sinatra.

In it, he wrote about the singer's women, his dealings with the Kennedys, the Rat Pack and the Mob.

He was working for Hollywood dealmaker Irving "Swifty" Lazar in 1953 when Sinatra hired him and entrusted him with his personal affairs. He said he was "immensely proud" of his time with Ol' Blue Eyes.

Jacobs said he was later fired by Sinatra after the media reported on him dancing at a nightclub with the star's then-wife, Mia Farrow.

Despite the temper tantrums of "Mr S", Jacobs wrote that his boss, who died in 1998, treated him well.

Jacobs wrote of Sinatra's relationship with Farrow: "Theirs had to be one of the worst, most ill-conceived celebrity marriages of all time, and after two years of one disaster after another it was all over except for the paperwork."

He said of their nightclub dancing: "Of all the gin joints in the world, why did Mia have to walk into the Candy Store that hot night?

"But she did, and because I danced with her, and because the spying eyes of America, courtesy of an undercover scout for gossip queen Rona Barrett, were upon us, that frug, or watusi, or whatever it was, got blown up into a wild affair.

"Mr S, who was the lowest he'd ever been in the 15 years we'd been together, got even crazier. It cost me the job I loved, and it cost him a guy who loved him."

He also wrote that one of the few times he saw Sinatra cry was when Martin Luther King Jr was killed but the singer, "did not shed a tear for Bobby Kennedy".

He said Mr Kennedy, a one-time US Attorney General, was "out to get Sinatra in a big way" and saw him as Al Capone - "all sex and crime".

Jacobs went on: "Frank Sinatra loved gangsters, or at least the world they lived in, just as most Americans have had a fascination with this world.

"The big difference was that Mr S could get a lot closer to the flame than the rest of us. In fact, aside from the so-called gangsters that were Sinatra's friends and at least honorary Godfathers, many of his close pals in showbusiness were also somehow gang-related."

Jacobs' son, Snake Jagger, says his father died of natural causes in Palm Springs, California, on Saturday night.

He was survived by four sons and two daughters.

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