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  • 1 February 2014, 0:09

Super Bowl Ads: Beckham And Arnie Among Stars

Arnold Schwarzenegger dons a blond wig, Laurence Fishburne revives his Matrix character Morpheus and Tom Hiddleston parodies British villains in Hollywood movies.

For most Americans, Super Bowl commercials are almost as much fun of the game itself, and advertisers are going big.

The Super Bowl is advertising's biggest showcase, with more than 108 million people expected to tune into the game.

Companies are paying an estimated $4m(2.4m) to have their ads be a part of the action.

So it's no wonder they employ Hollywood stars and other global celebrities.

David Beckham bares his chest to promote his Bodywear products for H&M, while Schwarzenegger is seen preparing for a game of ping-pong and Don Cheadle waits for an elevator with a llama, both for Bud Light.

Fishburne brings back his Matrix "blue-pill, red-pill" classic in a commercial for car company Kia - where he gives a couple a choice between a blue key and a red-key.

Jaguar assembles Hiddleston, Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong as a group of British baddies.

Scarlett Johansson features in a controversial commercial for SodaStream, which led the Hollywood star to end her stint as an Oxfam ambassador.

Of course, there will still be ad surprises on Sunday with major brands like Chrysler and Coca-Cola staying mum on at least one of their ads.

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