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  • 15 July 2014, 7:16

Teen's Snap With McCartney And Billionaire

It's not unusual for two elderly gentleman to while away a Sunday afternoon setting the world to rights on a public bench.

But when one happens to be among the world's very richest men and the other is a former Beatle, people tend to take notice.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett showed rock legend Sir Paul McCartney around his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, on Sunday.

And the stunned grin of one youngster who stumbled upon the remarkable sight says it all.

Luke Koesters was among the Omahans who spotted the famous pair in the city's Dundee neighbourhood.

He took a photo of his friend Tom White standing next to them.

Sir Paul himself took notice of the viral photo, tweeting it back at Tom with the comment: "Just hanging out with friends".

According to the Omaha Herald, Buffett and Sir Paul, 72, had dinner at an Italian restaurant before visiting an ice creamery.

One customer who chatted with the former Beatle told the newspaper: "He deserves to be called 'Sir' because he's nothing but polite."

Sir Paul - who is due to perform at an arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Monday - reportedly arrived in a limousine.

It is not clear what the two talked about - perhaps Sir Paul was seeking financial advice in exchange for some musical tips for keen ukulele player Buffett.

It is not the first time an international rock star has turned heads in Omaha.

The city has seen several visits from U2 frontman and humanitarian campaigner Bono.

He is a friend of 83-year-old philanthropist Buffett, whose net worth is estimated at $59bn (£34bn). He has pledged to give much of his fortune away.