Quirky News

  • 10 June 2014, 0:39

'The eagle has landed... in my living room'

A retired teacher who sat down to watch the tennis got the fright of her life when an eagle swooped into her living room.

Wendy Morrell might think twice before leaving open her patio doors in future after the 18-inch (45cm) tall Russian Steppe landed on her cabinet and began knocking off ornaments with its 4ft wings.

After causing a bit of destruction at the house in Poole, Dorset, the bird settled down and began pecking at a bowl of potpourri.

Ms Morrell and friend Karen Ruddlesden tried to tempt the bird outside using pieces of ham but ended up having to call the Wessex Bird of Prey Rescue Centre.

After half an hour the eagle was finally lured off its makeshift perch by rescuer Jon Ball, who used a dead chick to tempt the bird out of the house.

It later emerged the eagle was called Storm after being trained to ward off seagulls at a nearby landfill site.

Storm had been reported missing by owner James Moore three days earlier after breaking its tethers.