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  • 19 June 2014, 15:27

Toddler Dies After Neck Trapped In Car Window

A two-year-old girl has died after her head and neck became trapped in a car window.

Police said Mikayla Thurston had been left unattended in the vehicle by her mother in Chesterfield, Virginia.

She had driven to a mobile home to style someone's hair on Tuesday, according to neighbours.

They described hearing the mother scream for help on discovering her daughter when she went to check on her outside.

One woman told CBS: "The child didn't have shoes or any clothing on... just a diaper.

"My friend said the woman came inside and was supposed to do her hair - she didn't know the child was with her."

A man said he was making a snack when he heard a woman screaming: "I didn't think much about it, so I sat down and started eating - that's when she ran in with the baby talking about 'call the police my baby's dead'."

The toddler was taken to VCU Medical Center where she was pronounced dead, according to WWBT news website.

Chesterfield Police are investigating the death.