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  • 19 August 2014, 8:30

Train Passengers Face Ticket Price Increase

Rail passengers are to find out later how much more they will have to pay for their train tickets next year.

The 2015 rise is determined by today's RPI inflation figure, with Labour and transport campaigners pointing to the already high cost of train travel.

The formula allows prices to be increased by an average of RPI plus 1%.

Train companies have a "flex" option to add another 2% to some fares, as long as the overall average remains in line with the formula.

Next year's hike will take the overall increase in fares to around 24.7% during this Parliament, according to the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT).

However, over the same period wages have risen by 6.9%.

Protests are expected at around 45 stations across the country.

And Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh is to warn of a further rise of 24% by 2018 should the Conservatives stay in power.

But Transport Minister Claire Perry said there had been an "unprecedented investment" in the rail service.

She told Sky News: "The challenge is making sure fares are fair."