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  • 18 May 2012, 17:19

Trayvon Martin: Pics Show Zimmerman Injuries

Photographs showing injuries to the alleged murderer of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin are among a mass of evidence that has been made public for the first time.

Nearly 200 documents, pictures and audio recordings related to the case were released.

As well as revealing injuries to gunman George Zimmerman, they confirm the 17-year-old victim was shot through the heart at close range.

It also emerged an FBI expert found crucial evidence in the case - which has sparked civil rights protests and debates over guns laws across the United States - was inconclusive.

The expert said it was impossible to tell if the voice heard screaming for help belonged to Trayvon or Zimmerman just before the neighbourhood watch volunteer pulled the trigger.

Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder, says he was being beaten up before he fired the fatal shots and photos released show him with a bloody nose and cuts on his head.

Also among the evidence was a document from Trayvon's post-mortem showing he had cannabis in his system at the time of his death on February 26.

Police initially declined to arrest Zimmerman, citing Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' self-defence law.

But a special prosecutor who was subsequently appointed charged him with second-degree murder - which Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to.

Relatives of both Zimmerman and Trayvon insist the voice heard screaming for help on a 911 emergency was their family member pleading for his life.

The cries were silenced by a single shot from Zimmerman's Kel Tec 9mm handgun.

Kenneth Marr, a specialist with the FBI's digital evidence laboratory, concluded: "Critical listening and digital signal analysis further revealed that the screaming voice of the 911 call is of insufficient voice quality and duration to conduct a meaningful voice comparison with any other voice samples."

His report added that the audio sample was "produced under an extreme emotional state", making it difficult to analyse.

It comes after it was reported Trayvon had injuries to his knuckles when he died.