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  • 31 March 2014, 8:26

Towering two storey tree house faces chop

Three friends have been ordered to take down a treehouse which towers nearly 26 metres over the Bicester countryside.

The remarkable structure - built at the top of a lime tree in Lower Heyford - has its own front door, viewing platform, windows and even a spiral staircase.

Dougie Haynes, Joe East, Buzz Burrell, Harry Court, Alden Conley and Ollie Cavey began building their home from home about three years ago.

"We started building it about three years ago and then left it for about 18 months," Mr Haynes said.

"Then, last Easter, we decided to go back and continue the work.

"Between 25 and 30 people have worked on it and we spent up to nine hours a day building."

The construction is so large that it can be seen from some way off - particularly when the tree sheds its leaves - and it was one sighting that led to complaints and the eventual order to remove the treehouse.

But Mr Haynes said he was proud of what he and his friends had built, explaining they were hoping to persuade the council to keep the treehouse in place for the summer at least.

"It's up to them to take the decision," he said.

"But I suppose we'd be gutted if it had to come down."