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  • 5 December 2012, 23:54

Tumour Boy Neon Roberts And Mother Missing

A boy seriously ill after surgery for a brain tumour has gone missing with his mother, who is believed to oppose any further cancer treatment for him.

Sally Roberts, also known as Sally Leese, and seven-year-old Neon, are thought to have left their home town of Tiverton, Devon, on Monday.

Devon and Cornwall Police have launched a nationwide hunt and issued an urgent appeal after doctors treating the boy said he is in need of urgent medical attention.

The pair are believed to have been seen in the Sussex/Kent area on Wednesday afternoon and police are asking any members of the public who may have noticed them or know where they are to come forward.

Assistant chief constable Chris Boarland said: "Neon is seriously ill and we have huge concern for his welfare.

"He is currently subject to a Family Court order and I would ask his mother to think about her son's welfare and contact police and medical services as soon as possible.

"Neon needs urgent medical attention and his wellbeing, along with his mother, is our prime concern.

"If any member of the public has seen Neon and Sally or knows their whereabouts they should contact police as a matter of urgency on 0800 0560154."

According to reports, Ms Roberts is originally from New Zealand. Her former partner and Neon's father Ben, an IT consultant from Knightsbridge in London, has not heard from either of them since the weekend.

Agencies looking after Neon's best interests are said to have agreed at the High Court that his disappearance should be made public.

Police have set up a dedicated Twitter hashtag for anyone with information to help the investigation at #FindNeon to @DC--Police.