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  • 13 May 2014, 20:25

Vehicle Rams Maryland TV Station

A Maryland television station has been evacuated after a possible armed suspect rammed a vehicle into the building.

Authorities cordoned off WMAR-TV in Baltimore, and tactical teams are in the process of searching the building for the suspect, whom they believe is barricaded inside.

Station reporter Brian Kuebler tweeted that he saw a man behind the wheel of a truck ram the station's entrance at least three times before the vehicle smashed into the lobby.

Kuebler wrote that the man was screaming "let me in" and "said he was God".

Baltimore County Police spokeswoman Elise Armacost said: "We received a 911 call reporting a man banging on the door, yelling and trying to get into the news station.

"Within minutes there was a second 911 call reporting that this subject had driven a large truck into the station."

Ms Armacost said the suspect was not inside the vehicle when officers arrived and the station was evacuated.

WMAR News Director Kelly Groft told the AP news agency that she believed everyone inside the building evacuated safely.

She said: "Once the lobby started to collapse, we knew it was time to get out."

Authorities said there was no confirmation that the suspect was armed, but police were alerted to the possibility after witnesses said he was seen carrying a backpack.

No injuries have been reported.

Ms Armacost said: "We have absolutely no way that we can speculate what this person's motivation is. The focus right now is on finding this person. We don't know who he is."

Police said the truck used to smash into the building was stolen from a state highway administration subcontractor.

Aerial footage showed a gaping hole in the station's entrance and heavily armed police surrounding the building.

A nearby Catholic school was also put on lockdown as a precaution. The St Piux X Church tweeted that everyone inside the school was "safe".