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  • 4 December 2013, 17:09

Video Of Man Saved From Sunken Ship Off Nigeria

Footage has emerged of divers discovering a cook who had survived for almost three days trapped in an air pocket in his sunken ship's hull.

Nick van Heerden was on a mission to recover bodies from the sunken Jascon 4 when a hand reached out to him while he was searching the tugboat.

The voice of rescue co-ordinator Colby Werrett is heard shouting: "He's alive, he's alive!"

As the camera pans up through the water, a shaken Harrison Okene is seen sitting in his underwear in the corner of a room, containing a small air pocket.

He reportedly survived for almost three days with no food and a few cans of fizzy drink, trapped 30 metres under the sea.

His 11 colleagues died when the boat capsized and sank off the Nigerian coast. It happened in May, but the video has only come to light this week.

The rescue team reassured MrOkene and got him to safety byequipping him with a diving mask and safety harness.

At one point Mr Werrett asks MrOkene his rank and on hearing that he was the crew's chef, the co-ordinator responds: "You're the cook? They always survive" - an apparent reference to a baker who survived the sinking of the Titanic.

Mr Van Heerden then steers Mr Okene out of the sunken vessel and into a diving bell.

An exhausted-looking Mr Okene was happy to pose for photos with his rescuers who also includedAndre Erasmus, DarrylOosthuizen, Guido Graff, Colby Werrett and Tony Walker.