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  • 30 March 2014, 8:36

Weather: UK Will Be Warmer Than Corfu

Britain will be warmer than Ibiza, Corfu and Cyprus next week, with temperatures reaching 21C in places, forecasters say.

Parts of Britain, including London, are expected to hit 20C today and 21C on Monday, making it hotter than much of the Mediterranean. 

It means plenty of time in the sun after the clocks went forward an hour for the start of British Summer Time (BST).

Much of the UK will enjoy warm weather on Monday and for the week ahead as hot air from Europe spreads north.

Sky's weather producer Joanna Robinson said: "South-easterly winds will continue to draw in warm air from the near continent over the next few days.

"Temperatures will widely reach 14 to 18C across the UK and Ireland, with 21C possible across southeast England.

"There'll be plenty of hazy sunshine, but there'll be an increasing risk of heavy, sometimes thundery, showers next week. Wales, western England, Northern Ireland and the Republic look most at risk of those.

"Not everywhere will get the fine, warm weather. Eastern Scotland and northeast England will be murky and cool, typically from Lincolnshire northwards.

"Onshore winds over a cool North Sea will bring sea fog and damp conditions inland at times.

"Temperatures will be much lower along the coast and in the fog, peaking at just 7 or 8C."

The weather is being driven by hot air currently over the Low Countries. Belgium and the Netherlands are forecast to have temperatures in the mid-20s Celsius on Monday.

Temperatures in London are forecast to be 21C on Monday, hotter than Corfu (18C), Ibiza (18C) and Nicosia in Cyprus (19C)