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  • 19 June 2014, 17:37

What A Hoot! Labour Twitter Feed Hacked

The Labour Press Team has had its Twitter feed hacked - apparently to promote the benefits of owl ownership.

At lunchtime on Thursday, the mysterious post "Everybody should have his own owl" appeared on the @labourpress feed with a link to a video extolling the benefits of having an owl.

The post triggered a host of baffled responses - and some applause for the new policy in favour of owl-ownership.

It also sparked a host of spoof pictures.

Until Labour press officers posted a response pointing out that there had been a hacking issue and there was not, in fact, an official party policy promoting owl ownership.

They even managed a joke, saying: "We had hoped our compulsory owl guarantee would be a head turning policy, but sadly it's no longer going to take flight #tweettwoo."