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  • 11 July 2013, 1:00

William Hague 'Calls Labour MP Stupid Woman'

William Hague said he never intended to cause any offence after he was accused of calling a Labour MP a "stupid woman" during Prime Minister's Questions.

The Foreign Secretary appeared to say the words twice after shadow Treasury minister Cathy Jamieson asked the PM about Mr Hague's links with Tory party donors.

The matter was raised later in the Commons by Labour's Fiona O'Donnell, who asked the Speaker of the House to give Mr Hague the chance to respond.

"It has been reported by members present during PMQs, by people watching at home and by the press, that the Foreign Secretary in response to a question asked by (Ms Jamieson) twice shouted the words 'stupid woman'," she said.

"I know the Foreign Secretary to be a man who has done great good in his job and he is already regretting those comments.

"And I was wondering whether it would be appropriate for you to give him the opportunity to apologise to ensure that his reputation, but also the reputation of this place, is not damaged by such behaviour."

Mr Hague responded: "I mutter many things in this House. Others shout them rather louder than I do but I mutter many things under my breath and I never intend any offence to any other honourable members."

Shadow leader of the House, Angela Eagle, told Sky News: "I think it was an offensive remark.

"He could have expressed himself in a different way that was less insulting to the female gender."

She added: "I think there is a casual sexism" among prominent Conservatives.