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news - Thu 17 Jan 2013
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Nicki Minaj: I'm not a crazy psycho

The rapper chats about her Mariah Carey feud

Nicki Minaj declared that she isn't crazy, despite the online footage of her outburst towards Mariah Carey.

The Va Va Voom star appeared on the Ellen De Generes show in America and talked, among other things, about that supposedly fraught relationship with her fellow American Idol judge.

Brushing off the incident, Nicki seemed unfazed by the argument, explaining that "it was just two big old divas, I guess". The rapper added that although she is over the whole incident and looks up to the singer, she doesn't know how Mariah feels.

Nicki has repeatedly claimed that the press can speculate what they wish about the pair, but she insists Mariah is a huge inspiration to her.

Nicki went on to chat about her time on American Idol and shared her fears for the forthcoming live shows, as she doesn't want to seem like a "crazy psycho" on live television.

She seemed poised and professional throughout the whole interview, and we love this new business-like and chirpy-chirpy Minaj.

Watch the full interview here. Are you excited for her judging debut on American Idol?

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