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news - Wed 23 Jan 2013
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Nicole Scherzinger: One Direction owe me flowers

Singer talks about her part in megagroups formation

We all remember watching that pivotal moment in music history, when Nicole Scherzinger made the decision to take five solo wannabes on the X Factor in 2010 and put them together into a group called One Direction. Right?

Well Nicole has been opening up about her thinking behind grouping the five boys together, and she points out that she's not even received so much as a bunch of flowers in return for her musical visionary powers. What a cheek, those pesky 1D boys!

Speaking to Fabulous magazine she revealed: "I just thought: 'Wow, these boys!' None of them were strong enough to make through, but they'd make a killer group.

"All the girls are going to want to see these guys in a band together. And look at what they've done.

"I'm just really sad that I didn't have a piece of it. Simon Cowell forgets that - or he's trying to forget that. I think they said the footage of me suggesting it mysteriously disappeared."

Then she joked: "I still haven't received flowers from them yet!"

Come on guys, now you've made your millions, surely you can manage to buy a bunch of tulips for Nicole, even if they're just from the local garage!

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