Quirky News

  • 18 June 2013, 9:45

Alarm clock shreds cash if you don't get up

A US inventor has created an alarm clock which shreds your money if you fail to get up to turn it off.

Rich Olson combined a Sparkfun Clockit and a USB Paper Shredder to create the bizarre machine.

He programmed the device to tear up a one dollar bill if the user doesn't turn it off within a few seconds.

He posted a clip of his creation on YouTube where impressed user ideeman1994 was moved to write: "That's a very nice project, I love the concept!"

However, others pointed out that Mr Olsen might be committing a federal offence by destroying banknotes.

The inventor played down the risk, commenting: "To all those saying the feds are going to take me away - I'm not that concerned."