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  • 31 January 2011, 10:44

Alcohol saved man from freezing

Frozen park bench /PA

A drunk man found lying on a frozen park bench in his underwear survived because of the amount of alcohol in his blood.

Aleksander Andrzej, 32, was spotted in the Warsaw park - where the temperature was -5C - and taken to hospital by police, reports Metro.

A breath test showed he had 1,024 micrograms per 100ml, nearly 30 times the legal limit for driving, which doctors say helped him live.

They believe alcohol in his blood acted like anti-freeze - on the other hand it may have played a part in him ending up on a frozen park bench in his underpants.

Doctors say he is lucky to have survived - even 300mg of alcohol per 100ml can be deadly - but he is expected to make a full recovery.