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  • 11 January 2013, 12:00

Alligator found guarding drugs stash

Caiman /Rex

An alligator-like reptile called 'Mr Teeth' has been found protecting a stash of marijuana in California.

Police found the 5ft caiman guarding 60,000 worth of marijuana inside a tank when they stormed a home in Castro Valley.

Caimans, usually found in the wetlands of Central and South America, are close relatives of alligators.

"We get guard dogs all the time when we search for grow houses and people stashing away all types of dope. But alligators? You just don't see that every day," Sgt JD Nelson said.

The reptile's owner was arrested and later charged with one count of possessing marijuana for sale.

He could also face citations from the California Fish and Game Commission, including possession of an exotic animal without a permit.

The caiman was taken to Oakland Zoo but sadly later died. Vets said it was in a poor condition.