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  • 18 March 2014, 10:51

Amish girl's unexpected career twist

An Amish girl is carving out an unlikely new career after turning her back on her ultra-strict upbringing to become a lingerie model.

Kate Stoltz, 23, has swapped horse and cart for cab rides and casting calls working full time as a model in New York.

Growing up, she was forbidden from having her photo taken but her life changed after she appeared in reality TV show Breaking Amish.

Traditional Amish beliefs meant that she spent her childhood pitching hay in the fields, cooking, cleaning and looking after her family - on top of school work.
Her clothes were shapeless dresses and bonnets and she had to cover her head.

But after appearing in the show and being signed by Major Model Management, Miss Stolz's life changed overnight.

"If I were to even show my father face to face a lingerie picture that I took he would probably burn it and tell me that I'm going to hell," she said.

"The Amish think that modelling is one of the worst things a woman can do, they see it as flaunting your body and being vain.

"I mean my dad's a minister in the church, he of course does not approve but then again he also knows that he can't control my life."

However, despite the radical change in her lifestyle, Miss Stolz says she is still very close to her family.

She said: "Even though they don't approve of my lifestyle they're always telling me to come back home.

"I couldn't ask for better parents or better brothers and sisters."