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  • 18 April 2013, 9:33

Angry bird besieges family in their home

A Shropshire family say a furious cock pheasant is besieging them in their sleepy village home.

Sally-Ann Hudson, 44, says the angry bird lies in wait for her and attacks every time she goes outside.

The medical secretary has taken to pulling on thick gloves and wielding a badminton racket to fend off the bird.

The pheasant, which she has nicknamed Phil, even headbutts the living room windows and pecks at the windscreen of her Ford Ka.

Ms Hudson, of Wentnor, said: "We began to realise he was unlike other pheasants. He'd stare at us through the windows.

"I go from one room to another and he runs round following my movements. He even tries to get inside - it's like Hitchcock's film The Birds."

Paul North, of the World Pheasant Association, said: "He obviously sees her as a rival male - pheasants are very territorial."