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  • 12 June 2013, 9:48

App helps Venezuelans find loo roll

Loo roll /Rex

Thousands of desperate smartphone users in Venezuela have downloaded an app which helps them to find toilet paper.

Loo roll has been in short supply in the South American country in recent months, with economists blaming price controls imposed by the government.

The new app uses crowdsourcing technology - based on Google Maps and geolocation - to let users know which supermarkets still have stocks.

Called Abasteceme - which translates as 'Supply Me' - the free Android app has already been downloaded more than 12,000 times.

Creator Jose Augusto Montiel, 21, said most downloads have been made by residents from the capital Caracas.

The chemical engineering student said: "Lots of things are in short supply, but what people are most worried about is finding toilet paper.

"People never knew how much they needed it until it started running out."

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro claims anti-government forces are deliberately buying up basics like toilet paper to destabilise the country.