Quirky News

  • 25 August 2013, 7:59

Armed robber picks on wrong victim

A video of a botched armed robbery on a grocer's shop in Brazil is going viral on YouTube.

More than 1.5 million people have watched CCTV footage of the raid which was posted on the video sharing website.

It shows two robbers pull up on a motorbike, the passenger gets off and walks into the shop - where he apparently showed a gun to the shopkeeper.

There is a pause for a few moments, while the driver waits outside for his partner in crime to return.

But, in a surprise twist, the robber is suddenly thrown through the shop window - scaring his partner into riding off without him.

The robber, who had clearly picked on the wrong victim, brushed himself down and made good his escape, his liberty - if not his dignity - intact.