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  • 29 September 2010, 10:11

Army tries out skateboard tank

DTV Shredder /Wenn

A cross between a skateboard and a tank is being touted as the transport of the future for soldiers in war zones.

The DTV Shredder's twin tank tracks and powerful 200cc engine mean it can handle almost any terrain at high speeds.

And it is now being marketed by Canadian makers BPG Werks as a military application and is being tested by the US Army.

BPG Werks say its low centre of gravity "makes it ideal for reconnaissance, rescue/recovery, mobile surveillance, and medical evacuation operations".

They say the Shredder can be equipped with machine-guns and other weapons to turn it into a formidable attack vehicle.

And it can even operated remotely, allowing it to be sent on reconnaissance missions where it would be too dangerous to send soldiers.

The DTV Shredder has already taken the extreme sports world by storm and will appear in the upcoming MotorStorm Apocalypse and Nitro Circus movies.

It was developed by Ben Gulak, a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is already famous for inventing the Uno motorbike, which has two wheels side by side.